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Range of Specialties

Speciality CareW. Stanley Rule, MD and his team are committed to you and your family’s needs. We are trained on the most up to date and latest medical advances and studies to ensure your child is well taken care of. We provide care for children from birth through 19 years of age or until the completion of college for children who have been patients of ours for years. Our top specialties are below.

Newborn Care/Child Development
From birth throughout their childhood years, we use developmental screens in our office at many checkups to make sure we don’t miss any subtle problems. Our office can perform more in-depth screens of preschool age children to better define their strengths and weaknesses when needed.

Adolescent Care
Moving from elementary school to middle school can be a confusing time for children and parents. Their body and interests change, and our parenting changes along with them. We care for your child’s changes as pediatrician. We look for risky behavior, counsel on safety and discuss many developmentally appropriate topics.

We perform ADHD screening for our patients that helps them navigate the confusing landscape of ‘attention’ in school and at home. Please call to set up a consult with us if you or your child’s school has concerns.

Asthma affects one in 10 kids and is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood. We are committed to helping you and your child control their asthma symptoms so that they can have a normal and active lifestyle.

Insulin/Childhood obesity
Childhood obesity is a common problem among today’s youth and with that comes insulin resistance problems. Our office is trained to identify and consult the parents and child through diagnosis and proper management.

Our team is trained to advise parents and children on proper nutrition to keep your family healthy for a lifetime. Part of our screenings involve education on eating better and tips on how to incorporate a healthy diet into our hectic and daily lives.

Breastfeeding support
Our office highly recommends and supports our breastfeeding mothers! During your newborn visits, we’ll advise, train and give tips on how best to master feeding your baby.